Pearl necklace™

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Pearl necklace™
Pearl necklace™
Pearl necklace™

What Will Your Precious Pearl Reveal?

Having a pearl means having something so beautifully rare and special that it radiated luxury, glamour and style. Unlike gold or diamonds, the Pearl requires life to create it and thus embodies a natural color, energy and meaning all on it’s own.

Naturally Grown

Now you can enjoy the beauty of a naturally cultured Pearl grown in it’s own real Oyster. The delicate growth process takes just over 5 years and culminates in a Pearl that's 100% unique with breathtaking luster and flawless color.

Each One Has A Special Meaning

Each Pearl comes in a real unopened oyster shell, which you pry open, so you'll be the 1st to see it. Inside you will find one of 5 different shades of cultured Pearls - each color with it's own special meaning. And because you never know what you're going to get, each meaning is uniquely personal to you.
  • The White Pearl for wisdom
  • The Purple Pearl for wealth
  • The Peach Pearl for health
  • The Cream Pearl for success
  • The Black Pearl for love


1 x Natural colored Pearl in its actual shell
1 x Silver plated necklace
1 x Silver plated pendant
1 x Opening Tool
1 x Information booklet

Note: You may receive different color packaging depending on available stock.